« Beatnik Girl » (4:06) Cool cat

My very first routine back in 2005!
It is a more or less classical one as the music is rather Film Noir from the 50s: Eddie Leslie instrumental: “Misty Rock”. I am the typical cold Parisian Beatnik that turns into that flaming shiny red Burlesque sex kitten.

« Teach Me Tiger » (7:00) Hi...Tiger!

The costume is inspired from Poison Ivy (Can your Pussy do the Dog?) and from Tigra a famous Belgian cigarette brand; a tigress is in love with her tiger but misfortune will befall the poor thing...
She dances for him on the warm voice of April Stevens: “Teach me Tiger”, but when her dear tiger gets into trouble she shows her claws! What follows is rather in the vein of The Cramps to whom I pay tribute to my way on “Bikini Girls With Machine Guns”.
Two eras, two women, two different rhythms. Three in fact! As there is an intro from Sam Butera & The Witnesses: “La Vie en Rose “, a nice swing version!

« Cleo! Cleopatra! » (4:24) Dance Cleopatra! Dance!

Has been especially made for “The Staggers” "LP release party tour" in 2006.
They invited me for a great mini tour in Austria with The Monsters.
This is clearly a nod to the famous Mummies (the SF band) and to the Hammer’s horror movies!
The mummy walks into the audience on the music of The Playboys: “Whatizit” and is brought back to life by Kari Lynn on “Cleo, Cleopatra!”

« Qui est In? Qui est Out? » (5:00) Chez les YéYés!

In two parts: the first part I’m rather dressed the Dolce Vita’s way on the music of Sandy Nelson: “Tough Beat” with the voice of Serge on it (yes indeed! ;-)) who thinks I’m rather "Out" ("Oh, mother, you're so fifties!") so in the second part I MUST become "In" and am turning into one of these famous Go-Go girls from the Hullabaloo TV show from the 60s on “Qui est In qui est Out”.

« Guilty! » (4:56) Hail! Hail! Rock'n'roll!

Condemned for being a worshiper of the Devil‘s music, I’m dancing to The Eyes: “Shakin 'All Over”, to obtain the jurors’ clemency. They will decide my fate in the end of the show by using cardboard signs which have been distributed previously by the announcer (or anyone else).

« Born Bad » (5:14): Yes I am...

Looks like Mimi is getting out of jail!
She's being pushed out on Cozy Cole « Bad », but as soon as she's free we quickly get to know what's she's been locked up for.
Love is a whirlwind from which we cannot escape easily, it pushes us to do foolish things and can drive crazy ...
The second part, usually in height, is on the music of Wanda Jackson « Funnel of Love »


« La fille du Père Noël » (5:51) Have you been a good boy?

On stage: a fireplace where red stockings are hung. Everything is ready for Santa Claus to come. But, this year, it seems that her daughter took the job!
Wrapped in a red and white cloak, here she comes on the mysterious The Unclaimed: “Village of the Giants” music, then soon we hear the very famous French Christmas song from Tino Rossi: “Petit Papa Noël” and here we are into this so special Christmas eve atmosphere...But when she comes to read the letter to Santa (on Holly Strings: “Jingle Bells”), the requested presents seem a little...unusual! Moreover when we hear “La fille du Père Noël” by Jacques Dutronc, there is no doubt that Marie Noëlle will have to pay in person to meet Jean Balthazar's wishes...
The final is on RayAnthony “Christmas trumpets”.
A truly memorable Christmas night ahead!
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